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Our Dairy Barn


Town records show that the house on the farm was deeded to Lyman Strickland in 1841, one of Dr. Emory and Mary Cornelia Whitney Strickland’s children. At that point the property consisted of 120 acres along with a 31 acre woodlot. In 1877 the value of the property increased dramatically. Although no actual records can be found, it is assumed that this increase in value was associated with the construction of the barn on the property. The farm remained mostly under the control of the Strickland family until 1945. The main use for the property up to this point was for dairy cow production. Due to a consolidation of the dairy industry, the barn on the property was converted to a chicken barn in 1951. Although it is unclear when acres were sold off over the years, by 1993, the deed clearly shows the farm had shrunk to its current 11.7 acres. Starting in 2012 and ending in 2015 we have completely renovated the barn to be the perfect space for up to 130 guests for weddings or other events.  Because of the history and its location, we have chosen to name the farm ‘Strickland Hollow’ to pay tribute to its original owners and location in the 'hollow' within the town of Meridale.

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