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Our Stills


There are three crucial steps to making great spirits; fermentation, distillation and aging...each as important as the next. When we were looking to purchase stills we had a few criteria.  We wanted to make our  Apple Brandy by following the traditional methods used in Calvados. That meant using a pot still with a 'brandy hat' and doing a single distillation. When it came to the spirit for our Pommeau, we chose to make a very high proof spirit, allowing us to add as little as possible to the apple juice to preserve as much apple flavor as possible...that was going to require a column still. We also wanted the stills to be made in America, as we feel about everything we do here. Enter Sven from Olympic Distillers in Port Angeles, Washington. He's been great!  We talked at length at what we wanted to make and how we were going to go about it and he guided us through picking the two stills we have today, even adding a few custom touches to optimize performance. We couldn't be happier!  And if you're ever driving by the farm, stop in and we'll show you these two unbelievable stills!

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