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The Café at the Tasting Room

Conserva, Charcuterie, Cheese, Artisan Cocktails and More

Inspired by al fresco dining in Europe, our café offers a large selection of conserva (canned fish) served in both the traditional way along with some more modern presentations. It also uses local ingredients to make all of the charcuterie offered on the menu...selections such as Country Pork Pâté, Chicken Liver Mousse along with many more. An international selection of cheeses and weekly specials round out the menu offerings. 



(For the shop's hours click HERE)

We wanted to thank everyone for joining us on the patio and at the Chef's Table this summer!  We had a lot of fun opening hundreds of cans of tinned fish, making pizzas and serving cocktails made from both our spirits and so many other great spirits from around New York state.  

The Patio is closed for the winter but look for it to reopen in April.  We'll also be doing price fixed lunches and dinners at the Chef's Table through the winter.  We'll be posting and emailing menus for those soon. If you're not on our email list you can sign up HERE 

If you're curious about what you below

Our new Spring menu will be up in early April

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