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Cooking Classes

Join us in the backroom at the Tasting Room and Bottle shop at 70 Main Street in Delhi for an evening of cooking, eating and fun. Our techniques classes take an in-depth look at all the processes, equipment, and ingredients chefs use to make great meals. Our hands-on approach will have you making pasta like a pro, sharpening your knife correctly, or making the perfect sauce. Classes begin at 6pm and are limited to ten students per class.  You are invited to purchase anything from the shop to enjoy while you're cooking.  We'll provide lots of ice and glassware. Click on the date of the class you'd like to take and purchase your tickets. 

Please note that we can’t offer refunds to classes because our seating is very limited. If you can’t make a class, you can send a friend in your place. Email us at least six hours before the class starts and let us know who will be taking your place. 

We're going to be taking a break from teaching classes for the months of July and August. Below you'll find the class schedule for when we start classes back up in September. 

Have a great Summer!

Fall Canning & Preserving - Thursday September 19th at 6PM

Once considered a lost art, the canning and preserving of foods from the garden in the end of summer to use through the winter has become popular once again. Join us as we explore the different methods and techniques used to can and preserve food including pressure canning, pickling, and confit. Then we'll jump in and get our hands dirty making different versions of pickles, canned tomatoes, confit vegetables, preserves and jams. $59.   To purchase tickets for Thursday's class click HERE

The Principles of Thai Cookery - Thursday September 26th at 6PM

Chef McDang, the most respected chef in Thailand, in his book 'The Principles of Thai Cookery' describes 'sum rap Thai' - the way Thais eat. He explains that Thai cooking can be defined by 'intricacy, attention to detail, texture, color, taste and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits as well as good flavor.' The class will prepare five of his most classic dishes and enjoy them family style, as is the tradition in Thailand. $79.   To purchase tickets for Thursday's class click HERE

The Art of Making Sushi - Thursday October 3rd at 6PM

Traditional Japanese sushi can be considered amazingly simple...just fish and rice. But it is much more complicated than that. Join us as we explore the proper way to make sushi rice, how to choose and cut different types of fish and how to make the basic sushi styles; Nigirizushi or 'hand-pressed' and the different rolls - Hosomaki, Futomaki, Uramaki and Temaki. Of course, we'll turn you lose to create your own sushi creations! $69.  To purchase tickets for Thursday's class click HERE

The Whimsical Cuisine of David Chang - Thursday October 10th at 6PM

David Chang opened his first restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar in 2004 in the New York City’s East Village.  Since then, the Momofuku Restaurant Group has gone on to open many other great spots around the world including Momofuku Ko, Má Pêche and Milk Bar. He hosts the first, and possibly best, season of PBS Television’s Mind of a Chef and shows up on Top Chef as a guest judge often. Join us as we recreate some of his signature dishes – the Momofuku Pork Buns, Cured Himachi with Edamame Purée, Chawan Mushi with Shrimp & Mushrooms, The Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl and Spent Milk Ice Cream with Chocolate Brownie. $79. To purchase tickets for Thursday's class click HERE

Knife Skills Class – Saturday October 12th at Noon

The knife is the chef's most important tool! The class will start with a lecture about knives, how they're made, how to sharpen them and what the different types are used for. The class will then go to work practicing the basic cuts, large & small dice, batonettes, peeling with a paring knife and mincing. Each student will then go to work deboning their own chicken. Everything we cut up will become dinner! Please feel free to bring your own knives and we'll help you sharpen them on our sharpening stones. $59.   To purchase tickets for Saturday's class click HERE

Tacos, Etc. - Thursday October 17th at 6PM

It’s unfortunate that, for many of us, our introduction to Mexican food involves crunchy taco shells and Old el Paso taco mix or worse, Taco Bell! But traditional Mexican food is a vast and extremely diverse cuisine utilizing unique ingredients and techniques. Tacos, admittedly only a very small portion of Mexican cooking, provide us with a self-contained flavor explosion of everything from fried fish to beef tongue and beyond! We’ll look at both corn and flour tortillas, the canvas upon which a great taco is created. Then craft a variety of different salsas, fillings and toppings. $69.   To purchase tickets for Thursday's class click HERE

John Currence, Oxford Mississippi’s Original Big, Bad Chef - Thursday October 24th at 6PM

With the release of his cookbook in 2013 ‘Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey; Recipes from my Three Favorite Food Groups’ John Currence established himself as THE bad boy of real Southern cuisine. He opened his first restaurant, City Grocery, to much critical acclaim in 1992 and has been defining cooking in the region ever since. We’ll start by sampling some of the great pickle recipes in the book then create a first course of his Pork Belly Rillons with Spiced Apple Butter, a main course of ‘Top-Shelf’ Chicken and Dumplings with Spinach-Ricotta Gnudi and finish with Phyllo-Wrapped Bourbon-Clove Poached Pears with whipped cream. $79.   To purchase tickets to Thursday's class click HERE

The Art of Making Pasta I - Saturday October 26th at Noon

Making fresh pasta used to be commonplace but with the advent of easy to cook, dried pasta, fresh pasta has taken a back seat in the kitchen. Unfortunately, once you've tasted the fresh stuff, it is hard to go back! Join us as we use the pasta sheeter to create a few of the old favorites - fettuccine alfredo, pappardelle in Bolognese and cheese ravioli in spinach pesto. $59.   For tickets to Saturday's class click HERE

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