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Cooking Classes

Join us in the backroom at the Tasting Room and Bottle shop at 70 Main Street in Delhi for an evening of cooking, eating and fun. Our techniques classes take an in-depth look at all the processes, equipment, and ingredients chefs use to make great meals. Our hands-on approach will have you making pasta like a pro, sharpening your knife correctly, or making the perfect sauce. Classes begin at 6pm and are limited to eight students per class.  You are invited to purchase anything from the shop to enjoy while you're cooking.  We'll provide lots of ice and glassware. Click on the date of the class you'd like to take and purchase your tickets. 

Please note that we can’t offer refunds to classes because our seating is very limited. If you can’t make a class, you can send a friend in your place. Email us at least six hours before the class starts and let us know who will be taking your place. 

Butchering Basics - Thursday April 6th at 6PM or Saturday April 8th at Noon

Butchering has become a lost art. With the advent of large grocery stores selling precut meats the need for a local butcher has become practically obsolete. As we start to get closer to where our food comes from, learning to butcher different cuts starts to give us freedom to prepare things in the kitchen we just couldn’t before. We’ll talk a bit about knives and how to sharpen them then demonstrate butchering a whole chicken, a whole beef tenderloin and two ways to bone a leg of lamb. He’ll also teach you the butcher’s knot for trussing meats. Students will get to butcher their own chicken, and ‘French’ the bones of a pork rack. $79. Sign up for Thursday April 6th or Saturday April 8th

Honoring Paul Bocuse, The True Master of Cooking - Friday April 7th or Saturday April 8th at 6PM

There are few chefs in France so universally known as Paul Bocuse.  Chef Bocuse is a descendant from a family of chefs dating back to the late 1600s,  Even after his passing, his namesake restaurant in Lyon has had three Michelin stars for over 43 years, making it the restaurant to have the longest period of consecutive years with such an honor.  What is interesting, is that after all these years most of his menu hasn't changed at all.  These classics will live on even though he no longer mans the stoves. We’ll start by making the classic Gougère to snack on, then create his famous Lobster Salad with Vegetables and Tomato Gelée, A main course of Roasted Tenderloin with Black Truffle Jus and Lyonnaise Potatoes and finish with a Chocolate Tart, Hazelnut & Crème Anglaise. $79. Sign up for Friday April 7th or Saturday April 8th

The Art of Making Pizza - Saturday April 15th at Noon

Pizza, probably one of the most enjoyed foods in this country, is fun and easy to make from scratch at home. We'll learn to make both a thin crust and deep-dish pizza crust, craft sauces and prepare toppings for this ubiquitous food. We'll then spend the rest of the class making our own pizzas and eating them! $59. Sign up for Saturday's class

The American Steak House Classics - Saturday April 15th at 6PM

Join us as we explore one of America's most loved cuisine - Meat & Potatoes! Steak houses dominate the American restaurant scene with their classic menus and fancy interiors. We'll tackle the classics - the Wedge Salad with Candied Bacon and Blue Cheese Dressing, Flintstone-esque Roasted Ribeyes, Lobster Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Creamed Spinach and to finish the night - a Double Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream and Hot Fudge $79. Sign up for Saturday's class

The Art of Baking Pies & Tarts - Thursday April 20th at 6PM

It's the perfect time to perfect your homemade pie crust skills! The fall is upon us, and the smell of fresh baked pies let us know that the holidays will be here soon.  We'll talk about what it takes to make the perfect crust, learn how to roll it out and then bake some amazing creations.   On the savory side – Quiche Lorraine and the old stand-bye; chicken pot pie. For dessert – a Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie and the America standard - the Apple Pie. $49. Sign up for Thursday's class

The Art of Making Pasta I - Thursday April 27th at 6PM or Saturday April 29th at Noon

Making fresh pasta used to be commonplace but with the advent of easy to cook, dried pasta, fresh pasta has taken a back seat in the kitchen. Unfortunately, once you've tasted the fresh stuff, it is hard to go back! Join us as we use the pasta sheeter to create a few of the old favorites - fettuccine alfredo, pappardelle in Bolognese and cheese ravioli in spinach pesto. $49. Sign up for Thursday April 27 or Saturday April 29.

The Mediterranean Inspired Cuisine of Greece - Friday April 28th or Saturday April 29th at 6PM

The cuisine of Greece conjures up images of beautiful architecture, stunning views of the ocean along with health and longevity. Lots has been studied about this cuisine heavy in olive oil, vegetables, honey, spices and nuts but even without the implications of this healthy way to live, Greek food is comforting to the body and mind. We'll prepare some of the traditional meze plates; Hummus, Spanakopita, Melitzanossalata (eggplant dip), Kolokythokeftedes (fried zucchini balls) and freshly baked pita. For the main course, two staples of the Greek diet - beef  Kofta with Tzatziki and an eggplant based Moussaka. And, to finish the meal - Baklava. $59. Sign up for Friday April  28 or Saturday April 29

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