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Cooking Classes

Join us in the backroom at the Tasting Room and Bottle shop at 70 Main Street in Delhi for an evening of cooking, eating and fun. Our techniques classes take an in-depth look at all the processes, equipment, and ingredients chefs use to make great meals. Our hands-on approach will have you making pasta like a pro, sharpening your knife correctly, or making the perfect sauce. Classes begin at 6pm and are limited to eight students per class.  You are invited to purchase anything from the shop to enjoy while you're cooking.  We'll provide lots of ice and glassware. Click on the date of the class you'd like to take and purchase your tickets. 

Please note that we can’t offer refunds to classes because our seating is very limited. If you can’t make a class, you can send a friend in your place. Email us at least six hours before the class starts and let us know who will be taking your place. 

**During the Summer, we'll only be doing Cooking Classes on Thursday Nights** 

The Art of Making Cheese & Butter - Thursday August 17th at 6PM

These two things…cheese and butter…are some of the most ethereal pleasures in the culinary world. Join us as we explore many of the things you need to know to make your own butter and cheese at home. The class will work with a few vintage butter churns to make and season some of their own cultured butter. We’ll also make a few fresh cheeses, Ricotta, Burrata and Queso Fresco and discuss how to make some of the harder and aged cheeses. We’ll also have a few of the classics on hand to learn about and sample. $59. Sign up for Thursday's Class HERE

The Art of Making Sausage & Bacon - Thursday August 24th at 6PM

It is hard to deny that bacon has become ubiquitous in the culinary world, and for good reason. Sausage, something every culture has its own version of, stemmed from the desire to use even the most difficult of cuts from the animal. Join us as we explore these two culinary treasures. The class will learn about the proper tools and ingredients for making a variety of fresh sausages such as sweet Italian, chorizo, maple sage breakfast patties and the spicy lamb sausage Merguez. We'll then talk about the curing of meats and the process of making bacon. We'll finish by sampling all of these amazing creations. $69.  Sign up for Thursday's Class HERE

The Art of Making Pasta II - Thursday August 31st at 6PM

After making everything from the pasta sheeter in Pasta I, we move on to explore a few different doughs, different tools and different shapes. We'll make gnocchi in a roasted garlic cream sauce, cavatelli with sausage, garlic and spinach and rigatoni in a rustic mushroom ragout. You do not have to take Pasta I to take Pasta II. $59. Sign up for Thursday's Class HERE

Asian Dumplings - Thursday September 7 at 6PM

Whether they’re steamed, fried or boiled, the dumpling represents a little package of goodness in a couple of bites. Join us for a an exploration of this ubiquitous treat focusing on the dumplings of Asia. The class will create both steamed beef & scallion dumplings and shrimp dumplings, pork pot stickers, shrimp shumai and crab rangoons.  We'll also make some of the traditional dipping sauces to accompany our dumplings. $59.   Sign up for Thursday's Class HERE

A Tribute to Julia Child - Thursday September 14th at 6PM

Nobody can argue that Julia Child started it all, cooking shows on television, this country cooking French classics rather than over cooked steak and green beans, etc. Join us as we pay tribute to this icon of American gastronomy. We'll tackle some of her favorite dishes - Potato Leek Soup, Beef Bourguignon with Parsley Potatoes and Apple Clafoutis with Chantilly Cream and Candied Hazelnuts. $79. Sign up for Thursday's Class HERE

The Art of Making Pasta I - Thursday September 21st at 6PM

Making fresh pasta used to be commonplace but with the advent of easy to cook, dried pasta, fresh pasta has taken a back seat in the kitchen. Unfortunately, once you've tasted the fresh stuff, it is hard to go back! Join us as we use the pasta sheeter to create a few of the old favorites - fettuccine alfredo, pappardelle in Bolognese and cheese ravioli in spinach pesto. $59. Sign up for Thursday's Class HERE

Fall Canning & Preserving - Thursday October 5th at 6PM

Once considered a lost art, the canning and preserving of foods from the garden in the end of summer to use through the winter has become popular once again. Join us as we explore the different methods and techniques used to can and preserve food including pressure canning, pickling, and confit. Then we'll jump in and get our hands dirty making different versions of pickles, canned tomatoes, confit vegetables, preserves and jams. $59. Sigh up for Thursday's Class HERE

The Art of Making Sushi - Thursday October 12th at 6PM 

Traditional Japanese sushi can be considered amazingly simple...just fish and rice. But it is much more complicated than that. Join us as we explore the proper way to make sushi rice, how to choose and cut different types of fish and how to make the basic sushi styles; Nigirizushi or 'hand-pressed' and the different rolls - Hosomaki, Futomaki, Uramaki and Temaki. Of course, we'll turn you lose to create your own sushi creations! $69. Sign up for Thursday's Class HERE

The Art of Baking Bread - Thursday October 19th at 6PM

We'll tackle one of the most rewarding and enjoyable tasks in the kitchen...making bread! Nothing beats that smell! Join us as we talk about leavening agents and different types of flour, bread baking ovens and different techniques of the trade. We'll also bake five different types of bread; Irish soda bread, focaccia, whole grain bread, flat breads and the 'old school' Parker House rolls. $59. Sign up for Thursday's Class HERE

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